Production Facilities

Final slitting

BILSTEIN uses four slitting lines and two cut-to-length-lines to complete its processing. The cold-rolled strips are slit and the transverse and/or longitudinal bow adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. Each of the sliltters has special characteristics to be able to provide the complete range of qualities and dimensions needed. In addition to conventional technologies, a slitting line featuring stands that can be positioned and  set is available to guarantee that the slitting clearance is exactly parallel. A hydraulically inflatable shaft prevents the radial run-out of the blades. A robotic system arranges the cutting combination and inserts it into the shearing mill. Together with the extreme concentricity of the blades, this guarantees that the strip width conforms to the narrowest tolerances. 

Each shearing facility is combined with a packaging line, which ensures that orders move quickly from processing to fulfilment.

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